Mats Granfors

Producer & Songwriter & Musician

Mats Granfors is a songwriter and producer, working in a wide variety of genres, ranging all the way from folk music to electronic music. He is a talented pianist and violinist, as well as a great arranger.  

As a songwriter Mats has gained success in Asia with the well-known boy band Arashi. Mats, together with Sugar House Publishing’s Janne Hyöty, hit the number one spot on the Japanese charts with the song “Your Eyes” in 2012. The album “POPCORN”, on which the song was included, also managed to reach the number one spot on the World Top 40 Chart. In 2019 the song was included on ARASHI’s 5 X 20 All the BEST !! 1999 – 2019, which reach No 1 spot on GLOBAL ALBUM CHART 2019 with sales of 3,3 M units.

As a musician Mats has participated in many recordings and has also played in live shows, as well as on tv shows. He has been touring in Scandinavia, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Africa. In 2019 Mats, together with Kenneth Nordman released a traditional folksong album called “I fäälan”. Mats is also working as a music teacher and has himself studied music in both Finland and Sweden, as well as in Denmark. Mats is one of the co-owners of Sugar House Publishing.


Mobile: +358 (0) 40 744 0208

Mats Granfors

Mats Granfors


Check out this great song YOUR EYES released by the famous Japanese group ARASHI 6.6.2012. The song was Japan No 1 single week 23/2012 as well a World No 4. Also included on the Global No 1 album 2019 "5 x 20 All the BEST !! 1999 - 2019. Song is written by Mats Granfors, Janne Hyöty and hs. Production by Tomoki Ishizuka.