Eva-Lott Björklund

Songwriter & Pianist & Arranger

Eva-Lott is a multitalented songwriter with a soft spot for big power ballads, catchy melodies and symphonic pop. She is also an amazing pianist with a sensitive touch in her playing.

Eva-Lott has worked as a choir conductor, pianist, music teacher, arranger and composer for many years. One of her strengths is that she masters several different music genres, having composed both classical as well as pop music.

She is a certified music therapist and has studied in both Jakobstad and Stockholm. She also works as a freelance editor and runs a co-owned magazine with a friend. Eva-Lott has been awarded both a musical and a cultural prize in her home village. She was also a finalist in the UK Songwriter competition 2014 and she also co-wrote the song MY YOU released by Double S 301 in Korea in 2016.



Eva-Lott Björklund