Janne Hyöty

Producer and Topliner

Janne Hyöty is a prominent and recognized, multi-platinum and million awarded songwriter and music producer with a strong musical background in many genres. He has written and produced music for artists, bands, TV and radio as well as for theatre.

Janne have single releases with Japanese groups like Kat-Tun (Birth, Ameni saku ai Yoru ni naku ai, Fumetsuno Scram), ARASHI (Wild at heart, Endless Game, Your Eyes), UNIONE (Sexy Sexy Sexy), Sexy Zone (Sexy Summer), Hey! Say! JUMP (Vanilla Ice) resulting in numerous Japan No 1 singles and about 40 Japan No 1 spots for CD and DVD releases as well. Several of the songs placed has been included in releases that reached the No 1 spot on the World Top Album Chart, as well as number two, three and four. Janne has 3 songs on the ARASHI album “5 X 20 All the BEST!! 1999 – 2019. The album was No 1 on the GLOBAL ALBUM CHART 2019 with 3,3 M units sold.

Janne also has releases in Korea, China and Europe like the single Chococo with girl group GUGUDAN, written with Eeva Louhivuori and Melodesign, Best girl released by Ulala Session, Role Model by Sunny Hill, Do me right was a Japanese release by Korean boy group Shinee, Numb with Chinese artist Chen Ming, Save us tonight with Park Jungmin, My You with Double S 301. The Chinese boy group XNINEreleased the song BIG SHOW in March 2018, a song that Janne co-wrote together with Teemu Lillrank and the Korean producer duo Coach & Sendo. Taiwanese artist Zhou Erke released the song  (With music to travel) in 2017. Janne produced two fantastic songs with the Taiwanese star R-Chord; How to say feat Marzi and Unlocked Happiness. Both songs were co-written with R-Chord together with Teemu Lillrank and Joo Hyo. In 2019 Victor Wong released the song Bubble Tea. Janne has numerous local releases with artists like Jannike, Elisa Violinist, Mirella, Anna Stenlund, Kentala, Laura Voutilainen, Sofia Ahläng, Emeline Sigfrids, Jennie Storbacka, Alexandra Lumme, Jerry Lindqvist.

During 2004 - 2010, Janne has participated as a songwriter in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest several times, finishing in second place three times. In 2020 he had the song “Break Me” in the Estonian Eurovision contest with the artist Laura Põldvere and also participated with writing and producing several songs for her album “9 Elu”. 

Janne has also worked as teacher for many years. Janne is one of the owners and founding member of the publishing company Sugar House Publishing in 2004. He was honored with the Finnish Music Publishers Association's Music Export Price both in 2015 and 2016 for his great international success! In 2019 he was honored with a Culture Award by Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet for his contribution to the local and international music scene.

E-mail: jan.hyoty@sugarhouse.fi
Mobile: +358 (0) 500 665 975

Janne Hyöty

Janne Hyöty


How to say feat Marz

How to say is written by R-Chord, Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank and Joo Hyo.

Produced and arranged by Janne Hyöty  Drums:Patrick Lax  Bass :Stefan “Kilju” Lindblom  Guitars、Keyboards: Janne Hyöty  Vocal production and vocal recording by Skot Suyama (陶山) Backing Vocals:阿夜 Marz23, 謝和弦 R.Chord Mixed by Brian Paturalski  Mixing studio:Dance Party Studios, Santa Barbara CA. Label Warner Music Taiwan

Unlocked Happiness feat Kim

Unlocked Happiness is written by R-Chord, Joohyo, Teemu Lillrank and Janne Hyöty. Produced and arranged by Janne Hyöty  Drums: Patrick Lax  Bass:Stefan “Kilju” Lindblom  Guitars、 Keyboards:Janne Hyöty  Vocal production and vocal recording by Skot Suyama (陶山) Backing Vocals:于浩威 Fish Mixed by Brian Paturalski  Mixing studio:Dance Party Studios、Santa Barbara CA. Label Warner Music Taiwan

Segamini Maailm, XNINE - Big Show

Laura Põldvere & Koit Toome - Segamini Maailm

Music & Lyrics: Laura Põldvere, Kusti Lemba, Jan Hyöty, Uku Kübar Production: Jan Hyöty Recorded in Vaasa, Finland at Sugar House Publishing Studios  

Video: Joosep Kask Fotod: Taavi Luhamaa  Fotode Make-up: Kaia Triisa   Produktsioon: Magnus Müürsepp // ProLab  '


Big Show is written by Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank, Chan Sheau Fong and Xu Meng Ya. Released by EE Media China.

Bubble Tea - best girl

Victor Wong - Bubble Tea

Original Composer:Jan Christer Hyöty / Teemu Lillrank  

Original Author:Jan Christer Hyöty / Teemu Lillrank  中文詞:徐夢雅/曾菡庭

Label: Taihe Music Group


Original song is written by Janne Hyöty and Ricky Hanley. Korean lyrics by Korean team. Produced by Janne Hyöty