Jerry Lindqvist

Songwriter & Guitarist & Artist

Jerry Lindqvist is a country man but he still manages to write songs in different genres. Jerry's main instrument when composing is the guitar. He is also a singer and lyricist. Jerry had tremendous success with his first solo album released in 2011 on Wing Records, and he has been touring since, in Finland and abroad with the band Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace. Before the solo album he also released two albums with Jerry & The Outlaws.

Oct the 11th 2013 Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace released the album Homegrown Soul on Good People Listen to Records.

Mobile: +358 (0) 50 353 9044

Jerry Lindqvist (photo Tage Rönnqvist)

Jerry Lindqvist (Photo by Tage Rönnqvist)

Jerry Lindqvist - YOUTUBE

Jerry and the Outlaws - Cancel Everything

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace - Homegrown Soul

Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day is Like a Holiday