Otto Palmborg

Vocalist & Topliner

Otto Palmborg is first of all an amazing singer with a magic touch that is just right for EDM and heart breaking ballads. Otto is a talented top-liner and lyricist with a multi-genre background. Otto has done everything from playing on the streets and playing troubadour gigs mixed with original songs. Summer 2018 he got to spend some time in US touring with a gospel choir.

A co-write with the American writers and producers KCozen, Jason Jones and Appu Krishnan (Christina Aguilera, The Jacksons), led to the release of the single LAY DOWN, with the amazing Dimash Kudaibergen, who is considered to have one of the best voices in the world. The song was also released on Dimash’s album “iD” which became no 1 on QQ platform in China with 288.000 ex sold. Otto also does the backup singing on the release.

In 2016 Otto co-wrote the song MY YOU that was released by Double S 301 in Korea in 2016 and he also made a debut with his own band SVEN. He had a single release with the Japanese group MYNAME with the song "Be my lover - feat. Hwan Hee" (Otto Palmborg, Henri Vuortenvirta, The Apple of my Eye), the song 同一个方向 tong yi ge fang xiang written by Otto, Nybaeck and Yang Lu was featured in a Youku Music Program 这!就是对唱 (This! Is Singing) in China. 

Otto Palmborg

Otto Palmborg (photo by Frank Unger)