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Victor Sågfors is a skillful songwriter, producer and guitarist with a passion for J-pop and Progressive Rock. Victor is one of the most asked for writers/producers, especially for J-Pop. ”Time Travel” was released on Sexy Zone’s album POP x STEP!? In Feb 2020 and became No1 on the weekly album chart in Japan and certified GOLD. The song “Dreamland” was released as b-side of the Sexy Zone single “Honey Honey” and was also No 1 in Japan in October 2019. “Summer Romantic” was released by Hey! Say! JUMP as a b-side of the single “Fanfare” and was also No 1 in Japan selling GOLD in July 2019. “Girls Girls Girls” was released as b-side of SNUPER’s single “Come Over” and reached No 3 on the single chart in Japan. NATURE released the song “Shut Up!” On their EP “I’m so pretty” in July 2019. The song “Oh! My darling” was released on Hey! Say! JUMP double single with Lucky-Unlycky and was also No 1 in Japan in May 2019 selling PLATINUM. Victor’s band “Opus Symbiosis” also released their new album FATA MORGANA in April 2020 where Victor has written or co-written the songs and produced together with Daniel Hjerppe.

The single "maeomuke" released in February 2018 by Japanese group Hey! Say! JUMP, was written by Victor, Koudai Iwatsubo and MICO# and achieved the No 16 spot on The World Singles Top 40 Chart. Victor had the song "Classic" on Kinki Kids mini-album Topaz Love / Destiny, released in Jan 2018. Classic was co-written with Magnus Funemyr and produced by VICTOR.  

The song "HOUYOU" was included on ARASHI album "untitled", released in October 2017. "untitled" hit the No 1 spot on the World Album Chart selling Double Platinum the first week of release (668.000). The Japanese group E-Girls released their GOLD (100.000) awarded, Japan No 1 album EG Crazy in January 2017, including the song "Fascination", a co-write between Victor and miwaflower and also produced by VICTOR.

Victor had two songs included on the Japanese group A.B.C-Z's album "5 Performer-Z"; "Dokinatsu2017" co-written with Daniel Fagerudd and A.B.C-Z, "Telepathy One! Two!" co-written with Ricky Hanley and Jyouya Uenaka. Victor has releases with the song "Smiley Days" with the Japanese female artists Sayaka Shionoya, a co-write with Mayu Wakisaka and the artist herself. "First Heartbreak" was released by Japanese female artist MIREI who also co-wrote the song together with Timo Oiva and Derrick How. First Heartbreak was co-produced by Victor and Janne Hyöty.

Victor had the song "Dream Master", that he also produced, on Hey! Say! JUMP Platinum selling, World No 1 album DEAR., released in July 2016. Victor co-wrote the song "Footprints in the sand" released by IAN ERIX (US) in December 2016 and the song made it to No 9 on the Japan ZIP Dance Chart.

Victor is a professional guitarist, playing with bands like Opus Symbiosis, Hipster Slayer and his band with Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson/Mr. Mister.

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Victor Sågfors

R-CHORD - Spare Tire feat. Eetu Kalavainen

Spare Tire is written by R-Chord, Victor Sågfors and Eetu Kalavienen. Produced and arranged by Victor Sågfors. Guitars,  Keyboards:Victor Sågfors Vocal production and vocal recording by Skot Suyama (陶山) Backing Vocals:于浩威 Fish、 Eetu Mixed by Brian Paturalski  Mixing studio: Dance Party Studios, Santa Barbara CA