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Lope & Kantola is a Finnish producer duo with their musical background descending from underground EDM, the duo has continuously refined their style; resulting in their current sound where dance and pop are best friends. That said, one should always be prepared for energy, color and a top-level execution when it comes to their music production. Whether the duo wants to take you to the edge of your seat or put smile to your face, they always deliver.

Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) released the album FEEL THE Y’S CITY including the song Fire & Rain written by Jung Yong Hwa and Magnus Funemyr together with Lope & Kantola, who also produced the track. The album was No 3 on the daily album chart in Japan on Feb 27th 2019.

Lope & Kantola have many artist releases like Down, Weekend, Friendly Fire and their latest release Holiday. They have done remixes for the Finnish DJ and record producer Darude, who is well known for his trance instrumental lead single “Sandstorm”*. Lope & Kantola contributed with remixes of Darude’s recent songs “Beautiful Alien (feat. AI AM)” and “Coming Home (feat. Mahan Moin)”. The co-operation also resulted in the original productions of “Be with you tonight” and “Warrior”.

*Sandstorm has become a sporting event anthem and a source of the ongoing "song name" meme - Darude Sandstorm. It has reached over 330 Million streams in Youtube and Spotify combined. 


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Lope & Kantola

Lope & Kantola

Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) - Fire & rain

Fire & Rain was included on the Japanese album IN THE Y's CITY that was released by Jung Yong Hwa from the famous Korean group CNBLUE. The song was charted as no 3 on the daily chart in Japan 26.2.2020. The song is written by Lope & Kantola and Magnus Funemyr.